HackREGINA Fall 2012 Winners!



Thanks to everyone who came out to our 2nd HackREGINA event!  We had a great time with 35 developers and 14 projects.  Here’s the list of winners!

1st Place – Audioswarm

Audioswarm is an platform application targeted at bars and other social places.  The idea is pubs can show which songs they’re playing on their Rdio playlist, and patrons and use a mobile app to search for and add songs to the public playlist, and hear them next in the bar!  Audioswarm used the Rdio, Windows Phone 7, and PhoneGap APIs.  Team <Insert Name Here> consisted of Brian, Tylor, Karlee, and Stewart.

2nd Place – Auxilio

Auxilio is a Windows Phone 7 safety monitoring app.  You can use Auxilio to set a sensor threshold as well as select a contact from your contacts list.  If your phone is ever jarred past the sensor threshold, like in a car accident, it will automatically text your contact the phone’s current geolocation via a Bing Map URL.  Auxilio used the Windows Phone 7 API.  Auxilio was written by Paul.

3rd Place – Socialite

Socialite is an app that awards its users for going to specific points of interest.  After selecting events and locations you’re interested in, you check in using Twilio to validate your location – if Twilio can validate that you’re within a certain distance of the event, you receive points!  Socialite uses Twilio and the City of Regina APIs.  Socialite was written by Sub Optimal Systems – Aaron, Brent, Ryan, and Lex.

Best Student Prize – 4++

4++ is modestly described as a “small increment to the 411 service”.  4++ lets users text a number to perform business searches, receive cat facts, and play SMS roulette with random people.  4++ uses the Twilio API, City of Regina API and YellowAPI.  Team Jordan wrote 4++.


Best Windows Phone 7  App – DiscovR

DiscovR is an application using Regina’s open data API to gamify touring the city’s points of interest. Players get points for being the first to check in, encouraging people to explore the city.  DiscovR uses Windows Phone 7, City of Regina API, and Yellow API.  Socialite was written by Expendable Components – James and Johannes.


Best City of Regina App – OpenTripPlanner Data Migration

Kyle took the existing transit data from the City of Regina and transformed it to work with the open source project, OpenTripPlanner.  This open source project provides a powerful route planner and network analysis tool, and with it Kyle was able to make a much improved transit planner than is currently available.  The data migration was performed by Kyle.

Thanks again to all our sponsors, especially our event sponsors SpringBoard West and iQmetrix Software, as well as our community sponsors YellowAPI, Microsoft Canada, Telerik, and Online Business Systems.  Keep an eye on this space and our @HackREGINA twitter account for news and updates for HackREGINA and other local Regina events.

See you in 6 months!

5 Oct 2012, 12:03am
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