HackDays are gatherings that bring together the brightest geeks in technology across Canada.

HackREGINA Fall 2013 Kickoff Party

This event’s kickoff party will be hosted by GB Internet Solutions.  GB is proud parents to GasBuddy.com and OpenStoreLoyalty.com, and while they don’t like to play favorites, the GasBuddy app has over 30 million downloads!  Check out opportunites to work with GB on their careers page.

The HackREGINA kickoff party will be Friday, September 27th starting at 7 PM in the private room at Beer Brothers, on Scarth Street.  Our kickoff party is a great opportunity to network with other participants, sponsors, and judges before everyone gets serious at the event the next day.  There’s a few reasons you’ll want to come:

  • Stickers! – We’ll be making some of the stickers we’ve received over the last few events available to anyone who wants them.  Your laptop can finally be complete with its own Octocat sticker!
  • Vendor Loot! – Speaking of which, we’ve got some extra goodies to hand out at the party.  We’ll try to think up some creative games so people can win t-shirts and other prizes
  • Free Food! – Snacks will be provided for everyone.  Beer Brothers makes a killer party platter.
  • Free Beer! – A free drink will be supplied to everyone who shows up thanks to our good friends at GB.
  • Networking! – Hang out with other participants, our event sponsors, and perhaps even some judges.  I hear the judges enjoy free drinks ;)

See you there!

17 Sep 2013, 10:34am
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HackREGINA API Sponsor – eHealth Saskatchewan

eHealth Saskatchewan is responsible for developing and implementing the Electronic Health Record (EHR) for Saskatchewan as well as coordinating, implementing and maintaining key electronic health information systems in many public health care organizations. eHealth’s mandate includes management of system use and patient data, aggregate statistical data, geospatial data and more.

For the purpose of this event, eHealth is providing a number of data sets for developers to work with that include health care facility data, covered population data, service access data, geospatial and other system-related data. The potential for generating apps that target improved awareness for patients, ability to collect data, and share information securely is endless. All information provided is de-identified and does not include any personal information as defined under The Health Information Privacy Protection Act (HIPA) or The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP).

For more information on eHealth Saskatchewan, check out their website

16 Sep 2013, 9:48am
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HackREGINA Fall 2013 Community Sponsor – Adxstudio

Adxstudio Inc. is a leading provider of web portal and application lifecycle management solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics® CRM, SharePoint and .NET platforms. Founded in 1998 and privately held, we’re a Microsoft Gold Application Development and Customer Relationship Management competency partner. With a staff of over 50 solution and services professionals located in offices across Canada and the USA, we’re focused on delivering web-based solutions built for the Microsoft technology stack. Key application products include Adxstudio Portals and the Adxstudio ALM Toolkit. We serve a range of international clients including HP, Microsoft, Ensign, Forex, VeriSign, Monsanto, 1-800-Dentist, and Sunshine Village.

4 Sep 2013, 10:39am
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HackREGINA Fall 2013 Registration is LIVE!


HackREGINA is the 2013 Regina-based edition of HackDays, the one-day API programming hackathon events that take place across Canada.

For one day, teams of 1 – 3 developers, designers, and analysts work on integrating with one or more of the sponsors APIs. Judges from the local tech community judge based on awesomeness and technical difficulty, and we award fantastic prizes.

We’ll start with a mixer on Friday night so people can find team members and meet everyone else, and then you have one day on Saturday to code your entire application. We’ll keep you fed and pour you a beer at the end of the day, and then the presentations and judging occur.


We thank our incredible sponsors for supporting HackDays and HackREGINA.  THANK YOU!

Location Sponsor – Innovation Place

Event Sponsors – iQmetrix SoftwareGB Internet Solutions

Community Sponsors – YellowAPIADX StudioGitHub

API Sponsors – City of ReginaPrairie Dev ConContext.IO

Sponsorship Opportunities

HackDays works (and awards incredible developers!) because of great sponsors and the local technology and start up community who gets involved. HackDays is completely volunteer run and community supported.

Opportunities to get involved with HackDays include:

  • $250 - API Sponsorship - your API will be included for the HackDays event, link to your documentation and application examples, opportunity to present your API to all developers the day of the hackathon
  • $500 - Community Sponsorship - As we do, you believe in supporting and growing the developer community in Regina. We will include your company information on the HackDays site, sponsorship mentions, and work with you to make your HackDays participation all it can be.
  • $1000 - Party or Food Sponsorship - Opportunity to speak with the developer community and all attendees during either the pre-party on Friday or the hackathon wrap up presentation and evening.

If you’re interested in the API or Community Sponsorships, buy the tickets listed. For any other sponsorship opportunity please contact us directly.

HackREGINA is an incredible opportunity to connect with the best and brightest developers in Regina. Previous HackDays hackathons have seen the launch of new applications built with the APIs provided, developers finding new homes for their careers as well as the beginning of new startups. We are interested in working with you to build a bigger, stronger developer community in Regina, and we’re open to other creative ideas – so get in touch!


I would like to participate, what do I need?

First you need to register. This will ensure that you are guaranteed a spot for the hackathon. This provides you with access to the event, breakfast, lunch, drinks, snacks and participation with awesome developers.

Who can participate?

Anyone who is interested in building an application. All you need to bring with you is your interest and motivation to get involved in building an application in a single day.

Am I allowed to use third party APIs (APIs not provided via HackREGINA) to build my application?

Yes. But your usage of the third party APIs needs to be in addition to the HackREGINA APIs. Also keep in mind that judging is partially based on utilization of the provided APIs, though, so their use should be prominent. So you can use any API you wish to use during HackREGINA as long as you use at least one of the provided APIs.

Why should I participate in this hackathon?

That’s an excellent question! When Leila and Corey started organizing hacking events in Toronto, they enjoyed meeting other like minded people, they enjoyed connecting them to other awesome people and learning about their interests, startups, and applications. They realized that everyone had a lot in common but most importantly: we were all builders. You want to participate because you are a builder and because you can’t imagine a better use for your Saturday then setting yourself up in an awesome environment, surrounded by like minded people, building an application to stretches your tech skills, imagination and interests. That’s why. You can always watch TV another day.

What if I don’t know anyone or if I don’t have any ideas as to what to build?

Oh that’s an easy one: if you don’t know anyone, that will last about 10 seconds once you join us. Seriously. Just come out and give it a try. I know you are shy and sometimes you need a kick in the a**. Consider this the kick in the a**. And as to ideas: not to worry, there will be plenty to choose from. The better question: will you have enough time to build your application and showcase it to the judges at the end of the day?

What if I have an idea and a team already?

Well, we want to see you at HackREGINA. That’s a great start. Bring your team. Bring your idea. And get working as soon as you get to HackREGINA. Perhaps we will be able to witness the birth of your startup.

How large can my team be?

Teams can be as large or as small as you like. Solo is okay, too. A 2-3 people team is ideal typically.

Now I love hacking events but what do I win if I build the best application ever?

HackREGINA is not just all guts. There is glory and prizes!

What shall I expect when I get to HackREGINA? What shall I bring and what does the schedule look like?

Expect that you will be spending the day with 49 other developers who are as keen as you are to build an application in a day and compete. This is a competition too after all.

What to bring:

    • Your laptop
    • Your mobile device if you are developing a mobile app
    • Cables, chargers and connectors for any of the above
    • Your data stick if you have one – could come in handy when networks get choked up :)
    • Your sense of humor and your ability to get along with everyone while in tight quarters!
    • Your portable coffee cup – we try to keep disposables to a minimum in our events.

What we will provide:

    • APIs, API support
    • Breakfast
    • Lunch
    • Coffee, tea, juice, pop
    • Snacks and beers at beer o’clock
    • Wireless access
    • A projector for presentations, with HDMI and VGA input (we recommend you bring your own connectors, but we will have some handy as well)
    • An awesome developer community!
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HackREGINA Fall 2013 Sponsor – GitHub

GitHub is the best place to share code with friends, co-workers, classmates, and complete strangers. Over three million people use GitHub to build amazing things together.

With the collaborative features of GitHub.com, our desktop and mobile apps, and GitHub Enterprise, it has never been easier for individuals and teams to write better code, faster.

Originally founded by Tom Preston-WernerChris Wanstrath, and PJ Hyett to simplify sharing code, GitHub has grown into the largest code host in the world.

We have 148 employees, from code hackers to pixel stylists to office pioneers. We all work together from all over the globe to build a product you’ll love.

There are 3.4 million people collaborating across 5.5 million repositories on GitHub. Their story is our story. Developers from all around the world working together with ease, doing amazing things.

3 Sep 2013, 10:35am
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HackREGINA Fall 2013 API Sponsor – City of Regina

The City of Regina is pleased to provide a number of data sets for developers to explore and use for HackREGINA. This data should provide the opportunity to create applications limited only by an imagination. The City’s data sets will provide location and descriptive information for the City of Regina’s geographic features (recreation, schools, roads, landuse, political and community boundaries), as well as cemetery data, waste disposal, transit and more. Stay tuned for new releases prior to the event day!

The data sets will be available for download in various formats for use as tabular or spatial information.  More information about the City of Regina Open Data API can be found on their website.  We envision our developer community creating useful and innovative applications that our citizens and visitors will appreciate.This will be the City’s one-year anniversary sponsoring our HackREGINA events.  There have been over 15 apps created from City of Regina data at our events, and we look forward to making even more apps available.  We greatly appreciate the support from the City of Regina in helping make HackREGINA a great event!

Visit the City of Regina’s Open Data Catalogue

19 Aug 2013, 10:46am
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HackREGINA Fall 2013 Community Sponsor – YellowAPI

YellowAPI (also known as the Yellow Pages API) is the go-to resource for location-based applications. Our curated local search API is built off of the strength of the Yellow Pages database of over 1.5 million geo-localized business listings and associated rich content. Not only is it free, but we offer ways for you to make money fast. We provide the tools, you provide the ideas and the talent. http://www.yellowapi.com/sdk/

The Places API allows you to stream top Canadian local search content into your applications. Using our database of over 1.5 million geo-coded business listings and associated rich content, you can deliver the best data to your users without the need for your own directory. It is easy to use and extremely powerful.

Want to give access to great deals and coupons to your users? The Deals API launching in 2013 will provide you the best content from the largest deals database in Canada, built on the strength of our friend at RedFlagDeals. But there’s more: you will also be adding monetization possibilities for your application! We are looking for BETA partners, if interested contact us (developer@yellowapi.com).

To get more information and sign up for a free developer account, visit the YellowAPI website.

16 Aug 2013, 10:15am
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HackREGINA Fall 2013 API Sponsor – Context.IO

Context.IO is a REST API that makes it fast and easy to work with your user’s email data.

Why would you want to work with email data? Consider this… There’s over 3 billion inboxes with years of data in them and over 250 billion emails are sent daily. A lot of people use email!

It’s tricky working directly with email servers for a number of reasons. First, servers can be configured in inconsistent ways causing major headaches. The email protocols were designed to be used with a standalone email client, not a web app, and are lacking.

Context.IO solves all these problems for you and exposes email data in an easy-to-use REST format. There’s 5 main resources that you can use… Messages, Threads, Files, Contacts, and Webhooks.

You can probably guess what the first 4 are… let me explain webhooks. Webhooks are rule-based notifications that are pushed to your app. You can be notified when a message with a certain subject arrives, when a message switches folders, or simply get notified about any incoming mail.

There’s tons of different kinds of apps and features you can build on top of an inbox.

  • Social features: Email is the biggest social network, make it smarter. You can use our contacts resource to easily see a user’s strongest connections, who they email the most.
  • Email productivity apps: People spend hours per day in their email client, trying to manage their inbox. You can build an app to help them manage that. Maybe you can aggregate emails and display the data in different format.
  • CRM – Use a webhook to watch an inbox and update your app automatically whenever a user communicates with someone in the CRM software. No more forwarding or bcc’ing the app.
  • User preferences: Find out what your users like by looking for emails from mailing lists or receipts. This could inform a recommendation engine, or help you introduce your users with like interests to each other.
  • Surprise us!! We love to be surprised by your creativity. Build something epic!
15 Aug 2013, 10:25am
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HackREGINA Fall 2013 Location Sponsor – Innovation Place

At Innovation Place, a diverse mix of research and service clients, a dynamic social atmosphere, and high quality facilities work together to create a community that encourages interaction, collaboration and growth. The technology parks are home to 180 science and technology companies that employ over 5,500 people in Saskatoon, Regina and Prince Albert and contribute to over $1 billion to the provincial economy each year.  At the Regina campus, one of the most prominent clusters of activity is in computer services and software development.

14 Aug 2013, 10:49am
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HackREGINA Fall 2013 Event Sponsor – iQmetrix Software

The future of retail hinges on an understanding of how people want to shop – and how consumers’ use of technology has changed the buying process. Amid the myriad of online and mobile commerce options, evolving the in-store customer experience is more important than ever. Retailers must adapt or risk becoming obsolete.

At iQmetrix, we create great experiences for retailers, their employees, and the end consumer. Our products bridge the gap between physical and virtual retail channels, offering the latest in retail management and customer experience technology.

Using technology to connect physical and virtual channels opens a window to actionable retail data. Meaningful metrics provide insight to continually improve customer experiences and ultimately transform the business. Our solutions enable operational efficiencies, increased sales, and repeat business.  Have a look at our XQ case studies and RQ case studies to see how we’ve helped make our clients successful.

When a customer walks into a store, it’s an opportunity to connect people and technology to exceed expectations. We build solutions to help retailers deliver great in-store experiences.

iQmetrix is hiring!  Check out their careers page


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  • HackREGINA Location Sponsor

    Innovation Place - Innovation Place is home to approximately 40 clients in six buildings, employing more than 1,600 people.

  • HackREGINA Event Sponsors

    iQmetrix Software - At iQmetrix, we create great experiences for retailers, their employees, and the end consumer.

    GB Internet Solutions - We’re proud parents to GasBuddy.com and OpenStoreLoyalty.com, and while we don’t like to play favorites, the GasBuddy app has over 30 million downloads!

  • HackREGINA Community Sponsors

    YellowAPI - Our curated local search API is built off of the strength of the Yellow Pages database of over 1.5 million geo-localized business listings and associated rich content.

    Canadian Youth Business Foundation - Are you an aspiring young entrepreneur, aged 18 to 39, with a solid business idea? Are you looking for the financial support and expert advice that will help you bring your great business idea to life? The Canadian Youth Business Foundation (CYBF) can help.

  • HackREGINA API Sponsors

    eHealth Saskatchewan - eHealth Saskatchewan employees and consultants are committed to making a difference for Saskatchewan residents by supporting health care providers through making important clinical information available electronically.

    Cashtie - InComm’s new Cashtie API opens up access to retailers point of sale (POS) systems, allowing any approved developer to sell online goods to consumers at these high value retail locations—opening up the possibility for web and mobile applications to accept cash payments for virtual goods, services and utilities at top retailers.

    Twilio - Twilio powers the future of business communications, enabling phones, VoIP, and messaging to be embedded into web, desktop, and mobile software.

    Wit - Wit allows you to build a Siri-like speech interface for you app in 5 min! It's an API that turns speech or text into JSON.

    Windows Azure - Add a cloud backend to your apps in minutes, enabling your apps to reach every user on every platform. With support for popular languages and open REST APIs, you’ll be ready to integrate Windows Azure into your apps in minutes. Use any of Windows Azure’s APIs to complete your hacks. You’ll need to activate a FREE trial or your MSDN Windows Azure benefits prior to using Windows Azure.

  • Header Image by hyfen/flickr